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For Immediate release:

Is Your On-Air Talent

Stressed Out or Just Cranky?

Handwriting Expert Reveals all From

Faxes of Hosts, Listeners, and Staffs Writing!

Attention Hosts & Producers:

Have your personality analyzed by a recognized expert! Not only can he reveal the hidden secrets of hosts, producers, and celebrities, but he can also discover the strengths and weaknesses of your children spouses and friends. Your listeners will find it Funny, Capytivating and Fasinating.

David Babb is an experienced speaker, entertaining at events like Rotateadate and Norwegian cruise lines. His latest appearances, Breakfast TV and Select on MTV

During Your Interview, 

David Will Reveal...

How Changing Handwriting can raise children’s self esteem, and improve their grades.

What trait is found in all Cancer victims, and catch it before it strikes !

How you can spot the liar in handwriting !

What 5 traits found in handwriting you should run from!

Which one letter shows the world your sex drive !

Is your Boss Paraniod or just Sensitive !

What a few of my many clients had to say !

“David, That is amazing!

I will show this to my wife and believe that we will both be sending you a sample.... 

That was awesome.....”

Rob F.

Hi David, “WOW!!! I'm very impressed! 

How did you do that?!

This is very interesting ! Well, I would definitely tell people about you.

I'm pretty sure my friends would be interested, in getting their handwriting analyzed.

Thank you!”


A Real Winner for Radio! 

Book him now for a proven success!